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Plantig the right tree in the right place ensures harmony, balance and beauty.

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What is tree planting?

We provide a comprehensive tree planting and management service for both urban and rural environments. The goal of our tree planting service is simple: to restore a natural balance to an area where trees have been damaged, destroyed or need planting due to development. 

Often in urban environments trees are planted in the wrong place: up against buildings, in tight spaces, and require care and pruning quickly as a result.

The best tree planting companies keep balance at the heart of their work, helping an area to thrive and flourish when things have gotten in the way of this process. With this in mind, we like to plant the correct tree in the correct location. Once a tree is planted, the idea is to have as little intervention as possible (pruning, etc). 

As tree planting experts we welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns, and to help design and implement the right tree solution for you. Whether you’d like trees for privacy from neighbouring properties, reduced air or noise pollution, more substance and maturity to your garden, or indeed simply to offset your carbon footprint with carbon-neutral tree planting – we can help. 

We have extensive experience in advising clients of appropriate species of trees to plant, and on where to plant, so that ultimately we can maximise the impact to your garden space whilst minimising the detrimental impact to property structure.

What type of trees do you plant?

We can plant many types of tree, and our recommendations will combine your preferences with our experience to ensure the best fit.

Some of the trees we can plant are detailed below.

Beech tree - Fagus sylvatica

Shady summer green beechwoods are a delight to see and walk through. Beech is potentially a very large tree which is thought to be native in the south of Britain it is however not really suited long term to a small garden environment. It produces fine timber even on thin chalk and limestone soils. Late spring frosts may be damaging in years when they occur. Grey squirrels and beech bark disease can also be problematical in some areas. Beech is a shade tolerant specie so planting in close proximity, in a shady garden or as specimen tree in large gardens . There is also a great demand for furniture, plywood and flooring with this tree.

Size: within 10 yrs = 6metres – 20yrs = 10metres – event hgt. 35m width upto 6metres
Environment: Moist, well-drained, acidic soil. Does not like excessively wet soils. Full sun best.

Mulberry tree - Morus nigra

Black mulberry produces delicious plump black juicy edible fruit. White mulberry produces leaves for silkworms to eat. Both species have hard heavy golden brown timber used for marquetry, inlay work and veneer oysters. The standing trees however usually have such heritage and amenity value that they are unlikely to ever be cut down for timber. Black mulberries develop a spreading head of tangled branches and vine like leaves. They often lean or even recline to one side in old age (300 years or more). Originally from West Asia, this species is said to have been in Britain since the sixteenth century.

Size: in 10yrs = 3mts 10yrs = 5mts event hgt = 10metres
Environment: any reasonably well drained soil with their main requirement full sun
Key Features: fruit for wines, jams etc. bright yellow leaves in autumn

Rowan Mountain Ash tree - Sorbus aucuparia

A native species seen at its best amongst the acid rocky uplands of the north and in Wales. Its display of golden leaves and bunches of radiant scarlet berries (which being rich in vitamin c makes a delicious jelly) on a fine October day is a memorable sight. In woodlands it grows well in association with sessile oak. Rowan is an interesting name. It reflects Norse legends and superstitions about the tree. The old Norse name ÔrunaÕ means a charm. Runa was the Sanskrit appellation to a magician. The wood is hard and useful for small items such as tool handles and spinning wheels

Size: Typically 20′ to 40′ (6m to 12m) tall.
Environment: Prefers cool to cold climates best. Likes well-drained, loamy acidic soils. Avoid high pH soils.
Key Features: orangey red berries useful for small gardens

Hazel or Cobnut - Corylus avellana

British native hazel is exceptionally valuable for wildlife and habitat conservation.  Traditionally hazel was coppiced on a short rotation (6-15 years) under a well spaced out crop of standard oaks. Treated this way stools (the stumps) are known to live longer than 500 years. It grows in the wild as bushy thickets 4-6m high The traditional products of the hazel wood are increasingly sought after today. Especially for ornamental or agricultural use (woven fencing). Hazel nuts are another product that should not be overlooked. The best nuts (filberts) appear on the Balkan species Corylus maxima grown in Britain since 1759.

Size: in 10 years = 6metres – 20 years = 12metres-event.hgt = 20metres
Environment: An adaptable plant that does well on poor, dry soils. Full sun is best; also tolerates shade well

Silver Birch tree

A tough thoroughly hardy pioneer tree that not only looks good with its graceful silver stems and yellow autumn leaves, but produces fine pale cream timber. Once established it affords shelter to other less robust trees. It is ideal for amenity or for commercial use. This British native species also benefits wildlife and the environment wherever it is planted. Silver birch will tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. It is a good choice for a small garden.

Size: Cultivated plants generally 40′ to 60′ (12m to 18m) tall and 20′ to 40′ (6m to 12m) wide
Environment: Does not appreciate excessive summer heat. Soil adaptable. Needs a moist soil for good growth. Best in full sun.
Key Features: native fast growing, dappled shade. Leaves of yellow remain longer than on most trees in winter

Areas we cover

We are based in Bromley and offer tree planting services across London and the southeast.

Some of our key areas include Bromley, Croydon, Beckenham, Chislehurst, Orpington, and more. 

If you’re looking for tree planting in Bromley and surrounding areas get in touch today.


From start to finish, Trees UK has been excellent to deal with: friendly, punctual, professional, very helpful and competitively priced.

They made what could have been a stressful day very straightforward and the team that took our tree down were absolutely fantastic (as are all in the office)!

– Anthony, tree felling

The whole process from quote to final invoice was seamless. Everyone was polite and knowledgable and arrived in the times they said they would.

The actual tree works were carried out really efficiently, we recapped what was happening and then they just got on with it. They worked really tidily and afterwards checked we were happy with everything.

– Hannah, tree felling & pruning

These are just two of our happy customers.

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Valerie Maer September 2021

Excellent service. Professional, efficient and friendly.

Don McNulty September 2021

Great team, professional, friendly, fast and highly skilled. Great communications via text and email & telephone from quote process through to invoicing. Thanks team Trees-UK Bromley!

Craig Dennison August 2021

I am always confident that Trees UK will give me a fantastic service.

Chris Brason July 2021

Trees-UK have recently completed work for me, including removing a large Leylandii Cypress, reducing the height of six others, crowning an ash tree and reducing in height and size a number of laurel and holly trees. The job was undertaken by a team of four who were all really pleasant, polite and professional. They arrived on time and completed the work in one day, including clearing all residual branches and timber, leaving the garden clean and tidy. I am happy to recommend them and will certainly use their services again. In particular Angelo and Matt who both visited individually to discuss the work were helpful in suggesting the best. most cost-effective way of dealing with the trees. Their pricing was easy to understand and, in my opinion, competitive. An excellent local Company who will undoubtedly be successful due to their attitude and the quality of the people who work there.

Jeremy Gibbon June 2021

Very positive experience all the way through. A small business that acts with clarity, acts as they say they will, friendly, respectful and reliable. Such a change compared to many other experiences in Bromley over the past 8 years here.

Keith Saunders May 2021

Good price and great service. A thorough survey was undertaken including photos and listening to what we wanted to achieve. Tree surgeons arrived on time, were careful and very tidy and achieved what we were after. Very happy to recommend Trees UK of Bromley!

Ralph White May 2021

Efficient, friendly and tidy crew who know what they are doing. I was especially pleased you were able to sort out the local council stuff although I knew this was not going to be contentious

Zara Sloane May 2021

Trees UK and the team we had were so professional and skilled, our giant oak has been trimmed back so that more light now comes in to the garden, while still preserving the beauty of the tree. The team couldn't have been more accommodating and responsive to any questions I had and left the garden tidier than it was when they arrived! It's also worth noting how well they managed and considered my neighbours in the process. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

Ben Howlett May 2021

Excellent service and delivered within timescales with no mess at all. Given that we live in a London terrace, equipment to access the house was found on the same day. The submission to the council in a conservation area was granted too. Highly recommend service.

Tony April 2021

The guys arrived punctually, were polite, friendly, carried out the work exactly as agreed, and cleaned up afterwards. Will definitely use Trees UK again, and would highly recommend.
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