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We provide a wide range of tree surgeon services for all customer types from private households and businesses to local authorities and housing trusts. We are Arboricultural approved contractors and have years of training and experience in both the biology and applied practise of arboricultural.

Tree Surgery

Covers all the basic skills of arboriculture including crown reduction, crown thinning, hedge trimming, storm damage and tree felling.

Stump Grinding

We can remove tree stump of any size and in most locations. If a tree has just been felled we can also remove the stump and replant another tree in the same place.

Land Clearance

Removal of trees, tree stumps, understory and other vegetation from land normally in preparation for development. All materials collected are removed and recycled as part of our service


Locally sourced hardwood logs seasoned for at least a year to a moisture content below 20% (to comply with the clean air regulations). Ideal for use in wood burning stoves, fireplaces, pizza ovens and smokers.

Woodland Management

Regular work to encourage a natural and sustainable woodland ecosystem. Involves techniques such as the selective thinning and felling of trees to allow more light to penetrate through the high canopy to encourage more woodland flora.

Tree Planting

Comprehensive tree planting and management for both urban and rural environments. We aim to restore a natural balance to an area where trees have been damaged, destroyed or need planting due to development.

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Full List of Services

We also offer a comprehensive list of specific arboricultural services covering all aspects of domestic, local authority and commercial tree surgery. For further info on each service please click into the relevant page or get in touch to arrange a chat with one of our tree surgeons.

Crown thinning

Crown thinning is a pruning technique, primarily used on hardwood trees, in the form of selective removal of stems and branches, to increase light penetration and air movement. The intent is to improve the tree’s structure and form, while making life uncomfortable for tree pests.

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Crown reduction

Deadwooding, pruning and crown thinning are all overlapping core aspects to tree surgery. Deadwooding specifically is also a forestry and woodland management task to keep trees safe and avoid infections.

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Tree Felling & Removal

If a tree is causing an unacceptable risk to people or property, and it cannot be remedied by a reduction, it will need to be removed.

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Hedge trimming

Hedge trimming covers a large range of work. From beautifully procured urban gardens through to lines of large leylandii on parks and other types of estate.

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Land Clearing

Land clearing involves the removal of trees, tree stumps, underbrush and other waste debris from a patch of land, normally in preparation for development.

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Pollarding is a type of radical pruning that involves cutting off all top branches of a tree. While not a pracitce that should substitute for professional pruning it does have role in tree management.

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Recycled Wood & Chippings

We recycle a large volume of green waste and can offer a number of related products from wood chippings to bespoke pieces of wood for artwork, furniture making and crafts.

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Emergency Tree Surgery

Rapid response to tree related emergencies including after storm clear up, dangerous tree felling and recovering the work of DIY and cowboy jobs gone wrong.

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Customer Reviews

Trees UK

What our customers say

Valerie Maer September 2021

Excellent service. Professional, efficient and friendly.

Don McNulty September 2021

Great team, professional, friendly, fast and highly skilled. Great communications via text and email & telephone from quote process through to invoicing. Thanks team Trees-UK Bromley!

Craig Dennison August 2021

I am always confident that Trees UK will give me a fantastic service.

Chris Brason July 2021

Trees-UK have recently completed work for me, including removing a large Leylandii Cypress, reducing the height of six others, crowning an ash tree and reducing in height and size a number of laurel and holly trees. The job was undertaken by a team of four who were all really pleasant, polite and professional. They arrived on time and completed the work in one day, including clearing all residual branches and timber, leaving the garden clean and tidy. I am happy to recommend them and will certainly use their services again. In particular Angelo and Matt who both visited individually to discuss the work were helpful in suggesting the best. most cost-effective way of dealing with the trees. Their pricing was easy to understand and, in my opinion, competitive. An excellent local Company who will undoubtedly be successful due to their attitude and the quality of the people who work there.

Jeremy Gibbon June 2021

Very positive experience all the way through. A small business that acts with clarity, acts as they say they will, friendly, respectful and reliable. Such a change compared to many other experiences in Bromley over the past 8 years here.

Keith Saunders May 2021

Good price and great service. A thorough survey was undertaken including photos and listening to what we wanted to achieve. Tree surgeons arrived on time, were careful and very tidy and achieved what we were after. Very happy to recommend Trees UK of Bromley!

Ralph White May 2021

Efficient, friendly and tidy crew who know what they are doing. I was especially pleased you were able to sort out the local council stuff although I knew this was not going to be contentious

Zara Sloane May 2021

Trees UK and the team we had were so professional and skilled, our giant oak has been trimmed back so that more light now comes in to the garden, while still preserving the beauty of the tree. The team couldn't have been more accommodating and responsive to any questions I had and left the garden tidier than it was when they arrived! It's also worth noting how well they managed and considered my neighbours in the process. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

Ben Howlett May 2021

Excellent service and delivered within timescales with no mess at all. Given that we live in a London terrace, equipment to access the house was found on the same day. The submission to the council in a conservation area was granted too. Highly recommend service.

Tony April 2021

The guys arrived punctually, were polite, friendly, carried out the work exactly as agreed, and cleaned up afterwards. Will definitely use Trees UK again, and would highly recommend.
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