Firewood logs

Seasoned Hardwood logs ideal for use in wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, wood-fired (pizza/ bread) ovens. Our logs are of the highest standard and burn with ease, seasoned to a moisture content of 20%.

Woodburning Stoves

As well as creating a cozy home a wood burning stove has many advantages  in the winter including heating and hot water.

When trees are managed properly, logs are arguably one of the most renewable sources of fuel in the world.

Pizza Ovens & BBQs

Pizza ovens have become increasingly popular in the UK and can be used for a range of foods include baking and roasting.

The logs must have a moisture content of 20% or less otherwise wont burn properly and smoke more ruining your food.

Open Fires & Fireplaces

An open fire or fireplace is not only engaging but can also provide heating and hot water if fitted with a back burner.

Our logs are very well seasoned meaning the emissions they produce aren’t harmful to the environment.

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Our Firewood and other Related Products

Locally sourced hardwood logs seasoned for at least a year to a moisture content below 20% (to comply with the clean air regulations). Ideal for use in wood burning stoves, fireplaces, pizza ovens and smokers.

Firewood Logs

Please see above for prices. We deliver throughout Bromley and South East London or collected by arrangement from our yard. Please contact us to arrange a delivery.


Available in all volumes for both domestic and commercial uses. As with our firewood logs we can deliver throughout  Bromley and South East London

Custom Wood

We frequently have large and unique pieces of wood suitable for furniture making or sculpture. If not already in our yard then we can look out for custom sizes pieces to order.